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Therapy for Teens

The teenage years (ages 13-18) are filled with so many changes for both children and adults. In recent years, reported depression symptoms among teens has risen almost 40%. From hormone changes to an ever-complex world in which we live, these years can be known for some of the most difficult challenges amongst families. We want to honor that while these years can be difficult, they also can be some of the best with the right support in place! We want to come alongside of you as parents and your teenager in order to create a more peaceful environment for everyone involved. 

We have responded to the demand for therapists who really understand teenagers by adding a team member who is working only with teens! Her appointments are all virtual to allow for more comfortability for this age group, and she is available on evenings and weekends to allow your teen to avoid missing school or extracurricular commitments. Check out Angel's bio here!

If you are interested in learning more about therapy for your teen or scheduling an initial appointment, contact us using the form here

Teenage Group
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